For those of you who are wondering, YES we are a GST registered company.

Here are some information that could help you help us!

Integricity Technology
FatNinjas & FatServers

Company Name: Integricity Technology Sdn Bhd

GST Number: 000304336896

Industry Code: 47411 – 62022

Business Registration: 1149722K

Maybank Account:
– FatServers: 514196665310
– FatNinjas: 514196665334
– DojoMojo: 514196665327

Integricity Visuals

Stories - wedding, portrait photography & cinematic films

Company Name: Integricity Visuals Sdn Bhd

GST Number: 001146544128

Industry Code: 74200

Business Registration: 813632H

Maybank Account:
– Stories: 514196345093
– Visuals: 514196344081

Integricity Creatives

Company Name: Integricity Ventures Sdn Bhd

GST Number: 001368166400

Industry Code: 70201 – 70209

Business Registration: 813659M

Maybank Account: 514196344098

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